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To successfully complete this course you must:

- Attend the orientation session.

- Complete weekly timesheets.

- Keep a daily log of internship activities.

- Forward a description of the daily activities completed over a two week period via Blackboard.

- Work a total of 150 hours during the semester.

- Prepare an internship portfolio.


Internship Period
An intern will work during the stated semester dates. For Fall semester credit, students will be contracted to work - August through December, for Spring semester credit - January through May, and for Summer semester credit - May through August. If special conditions arise where the internship request overlaps semesters, contact Professor Scalia.

Required Work Hours
A student is required to work a total of 150 hours at the internship placement site (15 weeks x 10-12 hours per week) to earn three internship credit hours. To earn additional credits, a student can work an additional 120 hours for six credit hours and an additional 100 hours for nine credit hours.

Internship Credit Hours
A student can earn up to 12 hours of internship credit during the last two years at Buffalo State College. Generally, no internship credit is granted for a studentís current job, but contact Professor Scalia for clarification and final decision.

An intern is required to complete timesheets every two weeks which are signed by the intern and the company supervisor. Refer to Blackboard for the timesheet due dates. A copy of the timesheet form can be found below under portfolio requirements. The timesheets are not submitted during the semester, instead the original timesheets are put in your portfolio.

Internship Logs
Every two weeks, an intern is required to send Professor Scalia via Blackboard upload an internship log highlighting the internship activities performed, along with the specific dates and times worked. Refer to Blackboard for internship logs due dates. To see an example of an internship log, refer to the portfolio requirements.

Scheduled Meetings
Individual or group meetings may be scheduled during the semester.

Portfolio Requirements
An integral part of the internship program is the preparation of an internship portfolio describing the internship experience. This portfolio must be typed with all sections and dividers labeled and presented in a three-ring binder. Use 12-point Times Roman font, double spaced with one inch margins. The internship portfolio must include the following:

Front Cover and Inside Title Page: Include intern name, company name and address, supervisor's name, title and telephone number, semester/year, and the dates of internship experience.

Section I - Company Background: Provide an overview of the internship company history, corporate mission, and product and/or service offerings. You must cite your sources of reference (ex. Web site URL, company generated materials, articles, books, etc.). (2 pages)

Section II - Internship Experience: Describe in detail your internship work assignments. Use subheadings to explain each of these assignments. Discuss the assignment, its frequency, its rationale and the learning experience received. (5 pages)

Section III - Log of Internship Activities: Include a copy of all of the BlackBoard posted internship logs that were sent during the semester.These daily logs include the internship activities, duties, and tasks that were performed each day, along with the specific dates and times worked. For an example of the format of the Daily Internship Log click here.

Section IV -Timesheets: Include original timesheets signed by you and the company supervisor. For a copy of a timesheet click here.

Section V - Internship Company Evaluation: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of interning with this company. What suggestions would you recommend the company continue and what areas need improvement? (3 pages)

Section VI - Self-evaluation: Address the contributions and strengths you brought to this internship. What areas did you feel you were deficient in completing your assigned tasks? What additional training or classes do you feel are necessary to better prepare you for your future business career? (3 pages)

Section VII - Internship Activities Documentation: Include documentation of the activities you performed during the internship experience. These tangible items may include: copies of special projects/assignments that were completed, letters/memos written, survey analysis conducted, meeting agendas attended, photographs of activities organized, etc.

Section VII - Internship Forms: In this section of your portfolio, include Student Internship Performance Evaluation (Form 4) and Supervisor Verification of Internship Portfolio (Form 5).

***Your company supervisor must review your final version of your portfolio.

Submit your internship portfolio for grading after the required 150 hours are completed or during the last week of the semester. If additional time is needed to complete the required internship hours, contact Professor Scalia. Examples of past internship portfolios are available for review in Chase Hall 335 and can be used as a guide in preparing your internship portfolio.

Internship Grading

A satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) grade will be awarded at the completion of the internship experience. If you fail to meet the stated requirements, you will not pass this course.

Academic Honesty
For the benefit of the isolated student who needs to be reminded, my policy is simple, anyone who submits any portion of the internship documentation that is not his/her own or plagiarizes any work will, without exception; receive a failing grade for the entire course.

At the conclusion of your internship, request a letter of recommendation from your company internship supervisor. It is expected that you send thank you notes to those that assisted you with your internship learning experience. It is a nice touch, and you never know when you may need these individuals to help you with your job search!

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