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In the words of our past interns...

I interned at Expeditors International of Washington, a Fortune 500, freight forwarding company. My various responsibilities included working in customer retention and development as well as assisting my manager with order management. My internship provided me with interesting insight of internal operations of a freight forwarding business and an opportunity to use the knowledge and skills that I had acquired throughout my college career and professional experience. Throughout my internship, I learned how to use a variety of systems and databases.

Moreover, my internship provided me with work experience that was directly related to my major. I would encourage anyone to get an internship; it gives you a unique opportunity that you will never again encounter throughout your career. This is your chance to try different positions and see which one you enjoy most.

Miles Nowak
Customer Retention & Development Intern
Expeditors International

This spring semester, I completed three internships through Professor Scaliaís course and each of them were extremely beneficial adding to my knowledge and skills in the real-world setting.


I interned at the Briceland Insurance Agency, which gave me basic knowledge of the insurance industry. It provided me with a better understanding of the insurance field and gave me insight into how I can be successful in the field. I was offered a full time position from Briceland Insurance at the conclusion of the internship!


I also was an intern at the Erie County Department of Health. In this position, I was able to apply both my Business Administration degree and Health and Wellness degree by working in strategic planning of public health. I was directly involved in various community activities and analyzed data to get a better understanding how to improve current health services. It was a great experience and I loved my supervisor and the public health environment.


My third internship was with the American Red Cross, this internship was my favorite. My supervisor was amazing and the experience I gained really complimented all of my interests and what I have learned in my four years at Buffalo State between my two majors. This position applied public relations, marketing, management, event planning, and communication skills along with health knowledge to make it a perfect internship. I was able to be in the office setting and also out in the community conducting blood-drives. I loved the positive energy at the American Red Cross and felt it was a great fit for me!


Through all of these internship experiences, not only did I learn new skills and knowledge, but I also gained better insight about myself; my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes and what I need to do to be successful. I am so glad I took this course which enabled me to have valuable opportunities and learning experiences.


Angela Hastings

Briceland Insurance Agency, Intern
American Red Cross, Intern
Erie County Department of Health, Intern

Participating in the Business Department Internship Program was one of my best learning experiences. This opportunity gave me a chance to apply what I was learning in the classroom to a real-life business setting.
While interning at PEOPLE INC., I was assigned to work in the Marketing and Public Affairs Department. I worked on a variety of projects from devising a marketing plan for our Senior Housing apartments to making pitches to the Buffalo News to get publicity for our events. One of the greatest things about interning there is that I was able to help coordinate and attend many different events. My internship was originally just for the summer session, but because of my performance I was extended into the Fall term.

It was at these many events that I was able to meet and mingle with many local politicians and business people. Working at the annual golf tournament gave me a chance to market myself as well as make business contacts. Through this networking, I have started my employment search prior to my graduation.

Throughout my time at PEOPLE INC., I had a great management staff to work with. My experience from this internship taught me how successful businesses run and how to work and contribute as a team member. The internship program through Buffalo State College has not only opened my eyes to the real-working business world but, has also granted me open doors that I would have not had otherwise.

Matthew Hanley

Interning with the Finance & Accounting Office at the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers while finishing my business administration degree was one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences of my life. I was able to take many of the skills and concepts that I learned in the classroom and utilize them in a real-world business setting. I have progressed to the point where I am able to work independently on nearly all of the projects and assignments that I am tasked with completing, including handling our accounts payables, logistics billings, and many other accounting related matters. My hard work, positive attitude, and dedication have paid off; I have been offered a permanent position upon graduation in May! My internship experience has been wonderful in that it opened many doors for me and helped to get me on track for a bright future.

Amanda L. Kwaczala
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, Intern

Document Advantage has been a great experience to learn and grow with a small company. I have been an intern there for seven months and was just offered a full-time job as the project manager. Being able to get on-the-job experience has helped me put together what I need to do for my career, and has shown me that everything taught in lectures really does matter on the job. Before the internship, I believed that college was a waste, but after I realized what an internship can provide, I have taken new light to the whole college experience. While working at Document Advantage, I have been exposed to marketing techniques, managing techniques, and etiquette techniques. I would like to thank both Buffalo State College and Document Advantage for providing me with a lifetime experience.

Jeffrey Jurek
Document Advantage, Intern

My internship positions at both American Axle & Manufacturing and Wilson Greatbatch, Ltd. gave me the ability to market real hands-on experience to prospective employers. I feel that with out this experience, I would not even obtained an interview upon graduation. Currently, I am working for a very prosperous staffing agency where on a daily basis, I come across new graduates. Those that have completed internships are the ones who I give a second look. My internship experiences was probably the most beneficial and fulfilling courses that I have taken throughout my fours years of college. Without it, I 'm pretty sure I wouldn't be where I am today.

Erin J. Kabel
American Axle and Manufacturing, Intern
Wilson Greatbatch, Ltd. Intern

My internship experience with the Buffalo State College Business Department Internship Program was the best learning experience I gained from college.I am now completing my third internship placement and this has helped me decide what field I want to pursue after graduation.My internship experience at Cooper Tuborcompressor and Adamís Mark Hotel has given me personal confidence and the unique opportunity to work and learn in a professional atmosphere.


Lidia Passucci

Adamís Mark Hotel

Cooper Tuborcompressor


My internships at Delphi-Harrison Thermal Systems, Veridian Engineering, and the Buffalo Jills have been very rewarding.I learned a lot about myself Ė what my strengths and weaknesses are.When I entered the internship program, I thought I wanted to pursue a career in the purchasing area. Three internships later, I determined that I would be best suited in the sales and marketing field. I found that the supervisors at my internships were very accommodating to my schedule, helpful in giving me feedback regarding my work, and identified what my proficiencies are.I definitely would recommend that all students in the business program should do at least one internship during their years at Buffalo State to help them determine what their career choice should be.


Jennifer Guenther

Delphi-Harrison Thermal Systems

Veridian Engineering

Buffalo Jills


Completing an internship is one of the most important options a junior or senior should consider prior to graduation. I didn't really know what area of business I wanted to pursue until I completed my intern assignments. I interned in the human resource department for two different organizations: Language Development Program and ClientLogic. One assignment was for an education institution and the other in a computer service organization. With the exposure to this experience, it helped me decide what kind of company I wanted to direct my job seeking efforts toward. I strongly feel that my internship experiences helped me obtain a career path and brought me the job experience that can't be taught in the classroom.

Linda Tredinnick
Language Development Program, Intern
Client Logic, Intern

I can not say enough about the Buffalo State College Business Internship Program.If I had known about the program before my senior year, I would have completed additional internships.The experience I received in a hands-on environment was extremely valuable for my future.I can not imagine where I would be right now if it werenít for my internship in the Travel Department at Moog, Inc.I recommend that students test out a couple different internships to discover the field that they should pursue as a career. I got lucky with Moog, Inc.I am now a Buffalo State graduate with a Bachelorís degree in business and have been offered a full-time position with my internship company.I am currently being trained on Sabre, our computer reservation system and on Trams, a new program that handles the accounting portion of travel.I found that managing work full-time with night classes taught me responsibility and I learned what my priorities are. Because of the internship, I am leaving Buff State with confidence and a rewarding career at Moog, Inc. I look forward to working in this progressive company.


Krista Bergmann

Moog, Inc.

The experience I gained by interning with Junior Achievement of WNY was the most valuable opportunity I had while attending Buffalo State. One of my major internship assignments was to coordinate a national JA project, "Groundhog Job Shadow 2000". This project provided me the opportunity to refine valuable marketing techniques and communication skills.. This event was a great success with over 1,000 students participating and was a wonderful learning experience for me. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in this experience though in the Business Department Internship Program and Junior Achievement. Upon completing the internship, I was offered full-time employment as a Program Assistant with Junior Achievement of WNY, Inc.

Tammy Queeno
Junior Achievement of WNY, Inc. Intern

At the Niagara Falls Conventions and Visitors Bureau, I had the opportunity to work alongside travel professionals and promote our area as a worldwide tourist destination.I was able to gain experience doing exactly what I want to do.I worked with a great group of people who empowered me as part of the team in the tourism department and therefore, I learned a substantial amount about human resource management, general management, and office administration.Being exposed to a professional atmosphere and being able to apply what I learned in college while still taking classes helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses.This internship experience helped me realize that this career path is truly what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

Jonathan Kindron

Niagara Falls Conventions and Visitors Bureau

My four sports management business internships have allowed me to make classroom theory come alive. I have been able to apply what I've learned almost immediately at my internship sites. I have learned things about the business world that cannot be taught in the classroom. Without the internship program, I would not be working in my career of choice already. I truly believe every college student should be required to complete at least one internship before graduation.

Adam Wiener
Buffalo Sabres Hockey, Intern
Buffalo Wings Roller Hockey, Intern
Buffalo Blizzard Soccer, Intern
Connecticut Wolves Soccer, Intern

My participation in the Business Department Internship Program has been of great value to me. As a Business Education major, I was not sure which direction to take my degree: training or education. I thought Human Resources would be an avenue I would like to pursue. After the assignment, I came to the conclusion that HR was not for me. I decided to obtain a second internship with a computer training company. The most attractive part of that internship was the ability to attend classes at the site. Prospective employers were always impressed with the amount of experience I obtained while still earning my undergraduate degree. I found the Business Department Internship Program to be a valuable and useful experience which helped me focus on my career path.

Ramona R. SantaMaria
Children's Hospital of Buffalo, Intern
New Horizon Computer Learning Center, Intern

The Business Department Internship Program was one of the most valuable experiences that I had during college. It gave me the chance to compare my knowledge and skills to the needs of prospective employers. I was given a lot of responsibilities and feel that I am now a better candidate for a job. I would recommend that students take one or more internships before graduation.

Michael J. Kaizer
National Fuel Gas, Intern

Working as an intern for Independent Health, I acquired on-the-job experience that was not attainable through the classroom. I was able to take advantage of what I have learned and integrate that to my work. They alleviated many of my fears, and I had the opportunity to become familiar with the business world. My internship was not only a connection; it opened the door for a future career.

Rebecca L. Hayes
Independent Health, Intern

During my senior year at Buffalo State, I took part in an internship with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This was the best learning experience I had. It enabled me to explore my strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide some light as to possible career choices. Now that I am closer to graduation, I feel that I will be able to adjust to the professional work environment and will also offer valuable experience to my future employer.

Christopher L. Rivera
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Intern

My internship experience was well worth it, considering that I was offered a job during my internship period. I learned, and am still learning, a great deal on the job. Completing an internship really gets your foot in the door. This saved me all the hassle of trying to find a job upon graduation and competing with all the other hundreds of grads! My best advice would be to act positively and confidently about yourself and show that you are worth keeping after the internship period terminates!

Jodi Lussier
Curbell Plastics, Intern

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