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What are the requirements of the program?
Students must be a business major with junior or senior level status, have completed a majority of the required business core and concentration courses, and have at least a 2.5 grade point average.

What are the benefits of completing an internship?
There are many benefits that students will receive during an internship experience. Students will be placed in a positive, supervised experience where they will receive:
· Hands-on work experience
· Documented work contract of assignments
· Meaningful and progressive work
· Feedback and performance evaluation
· Assistance with work-related issues and career questions
· Access to professionals who can assist with career goals and aspirations

How do I apply for an internship?
Submit the internship application materials to Professor Scalia the semester prior to placement. The materials include: Student Application-Form 1, Career Development Center Workshop Verification-Form 2, a critiqued and a revised copy of your resume and cover letter and a copy of Degree Works.

After all of the materials are reviewed, students will receive notification at that point if they are accepted into the internship program.

When should I apply for an internship?
Students will learn about internships in their freshman and sophomore year. Arrange your academic schedule to allow for an internship placement in your junior or senior year. All paperwork must be completed and acceptance must be finalized the semester prior to placement. Once a completed application is submitted for acceptance, a decision is made at that time.  Acceptance is a first-come first-serve basis. The first-round of applications will be reviewed starting February 1st for the Summer and Fall semesters and September 1st for the Spring semester.The second and third rounds will be the first of every month until the class is filled. The internship class fills quickly, so do not delay in applying to the program.

What types of internships are available?
There are a variety of internships available in the area of marketing, management, human resource management, accounting, public relations, finance, investments, sports management, promotions, etc.

Can I automatically register for the internship class?
No, this course is “Instruction Permission Only”.  Students must apply for admission into the Business Department Internship Program. Once a student is accepted into the program, Banner will be notified to allow registration for the course.

When are internships offered?
Internships are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

How much credit can I earn for an internship?
Students can earn three credit hours for 150 hours worked. A total of 12 credit hours can be earned through internship program. This course is considered an upper-division business elective.

Can I complete an internship in my hometown during the semester break?
Yes, but all assignments must be approved by Professor Scalia prior to placement.

Do I have to register for the internship class?
Yes, students must register for BUS 378 - Professional Business Practice to receive credit for this experience and to be covered under SUNY Insurance.  This course is “Instructor Permission Only”.

Can I complete more than one internship?
Yes, students can earn up to twelve credit hours of internship credit.

Can I set up my own internship?
Yes, but students still must first apply to the internship program and be accepted before contacting a company. The company must complete the Learning Agreement Form (Form 3) that describes the internship activities and be approved by Professor Scalia.

How do I fit my internship into my class schedule?
Most internship companies are flexible and will accommodate your class schedule, but you must work at least 10-12 hours per week and complete 150 work hours during the semester.

Can I receive internship credit from my current employer?
Generally, no credit may be earned from your current job, unless the work duties change. Contact Professor  Scalia for clarification.

Do companies pay their interns?
Some companies provide a stipend to their interns, others do not.


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