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Program Description

The Business Department Internship Program is intended to assist students in obtaining practical business experience that will complement and enhance the traditional educational process. The experience will aid students in the exploration of potential career opportunities and assist in clarifying personal, educational and career goals.

Objectives of the Internship Program

The student will:

  • conduct assigned and supervised work in an organization that is related to and integrated with academic program goals.
  • develop business knowledge and personal skills necessary for success in the business world.
  • be able to apply theory in actual business situations.
  • be able to identify and enhance career development opportunities through participation in the internship program.
  • be able to further develop leadership skills.
  • further develop computer and technological skills through actual business applications.
  • further develop oral and written communication skills, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills.
  • apply basic course content in the areas of management, marketing, accounting, communication, computers and human resource management.

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