A supernatural thriller of deception and murder

By Lou Rera

Dead men don’t talk. But tell that to Jim Thompson. He just received a phone call from a dead man—a man he watched die one drunken, adulterous night while out of town on business last year. It’s a classic cliché—except for the talking dead man.

Jim’s wife, Deirdre, doesn’t know his secret. Neither does Detective Frank Gibbons, who is hot on the case of the year-old crime. His prime suspect is the sultry Marlene Aubry—the object of Jim’s infidelity. Deirdre is preoccupied with her own problems. Her mother is dying. And an odd, little man she met recently is terrifying her, stalking her. Jim and Deirdre have left town for what they hoped would be a quiet weekend in the country. Emerging from heavy fog, they find themselves lost until they see the flickering lights of a deserted gas station on the outskirts of a moonlit country road. What they find behind that abandoned gas station launches them into a night of uncertainty and terror.

In this paranormal thriller, Jim’s past surfaces through his guilt and lies. The places he and Deirdre stumble upon haunt them with frightening visions linked to Jim’s indiscretion and the brutal death of an innocent man. As Detective Gibbons closes in on the truth, Jim and Deirdre continue to run from the malevolent stalker in this terrifying tale of deception and murder. The stranger is a SIGN, a harbinger of the horrors to come—a demonic tour guide in their personal hell. Jim must remember the details of the murder and reveal the truth to Deirdre. This may be his last chance to stop uncontrollable forces from destroying their lives.

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