Creative Excellence in Media

With over 30 years experience, Lou Rera is an expert in the creative arts.

Lou's career spans over three decades working with video and film, graphics and animation, original music, original short stories, multimedia and web based projects. Lou Rera has an extensive background as a producer, director, graphic designer, musician—writing original scores and fiction.

His experiences have taken him to studios in Los Angels and New York City. Lou has worked for clients that range from corporations to the U.S. Government agencies.

Lou Rera is currently examining the affects of social media in education. He is exploring new ways to work in the classroom through the integration of social media tools.

His novel SIGN will be published by Netherworld Books in the U.K. in 2014

Lou Rera

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Fall 2016


This year's event in Toronto should be fantastic. Lou and fellow writers from the Horror Writers Association will be at the conventiaon all 4 days. Lou will participate on 2 panel discussion on the genre of Horror writing!


Lou Rera is working with the publisher to record the audio book version of his novel. A video book trailer of SIGN can be view at this link.