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Saquib Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Department of Engineering Technology
SUNY - Buffalo State
Technology Building 115
1300 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-6002, Fax: (716) 878-3033

Ph.D., Materials Science Engineering, Rutgers University (NJ)
M.S., Physics, Rutgers University (NJ)
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Economics, Columbia University (NY)
B.A., Physics, Math, Franklin & Marshall College (PA)

Dr. Ahmed is a Physicist and Engineer by training. His specialty and interests lie broadly in the area of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. Prior to joining academia and Buffalo State in Fall 2018, Dr. Ahmed spent 7 years in high tech industry – Intel Corporation. On the research side, Dr. Ahmed’s group is currently focused on a wide portfolio of projects, with overall themes revolving around disruptive Quantum Information Technology (QIT), Clean Energy, Novel Bio Interfaces and Drug Delivery devices, and various Advanced Materials applications. On the teaching side, while he teaches a wide variety of engineering courses, Dr. Ahmed has developed courses centering around Nanoscience, Computational Physics, and Machine Learning applied to Clean Energy and Device Physics. He works extensively on both fundamental research as well as cross-cutting curriculum development projects with faculty and researchers across a variety of disciplines from Mathematics, Data Science, Economics and Policy, Clinical Sciences, and Theatre. Dr. Ahmed is an avid believer of solving local/global challenges and problems using a ‘holistic’ lens, and strives to continually improve himself as an educator, a researcher, and a human being. Dr. Ahmed currently chairs the Research and Creativity Council, and serves on the Senate Equity, Inclusion and Diversity committee.

Last Updated: Nov. 2021