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Ram C. Rai, Ph. D., University of Kentucky (2004)
Associate Professor
Physics Department
SUNY Buffalo State
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222

Phone: (716) 878 3767 and Fax: (716) 878 4421


Research Interests

Investigation of low-dimensional electronic and magnetic materials, including correlated electron systems, multiferroic materials, charge-density-wave materials, transition metal oxides, and semiconductors via optical techniques, magneto-optical, electro-optical and transport measurements.

We are particularly interested in the growth and characterization of thin films of multiferroics and wide band gap semiconductors using different experimental methods, including optical spectroscopy, electro-optical and magneto-optical measurements, resistivity, and dielectric measurements. Thin films are deposited by Electron-Beam Deposition Technique and they are charterized for structural and other physical properties. We use a UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer (energy range: 0.4 - 6.5 eV) and a fiber optic spectrometer (energy range: 1.14 - 6.5 eV) equipped with an optical cryostat for the variable temperature (4 - 500 K) optical studies. We primarily focus on the optical studies of thin film samples to investigate spin-lattice-charge coupling processes, and to correlate the spectroscopic spectra with underlying structural characteristics, the electronic structures, the phase transitions, and other physical properties.


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