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American Roots Music (Notes on the PBS Series)

John Baky

White Cong and Black Clap: The Ambient Truth of Vietnam War Legendry. (Part One)

White Cong and Black Clap: The Ambient Truth of Vietnam War Legendry. (Part Two)

Les Cleveland

Songs of the Vietnam War: An Occupational Folklore Tradition

Soldiers' Songs: The Folklore of the Powerless

Jennifer Cutting

Bringing in the May

Lydia Fish

The Saint Joseph’s Day Table

Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War

Songs of the Air Force in the Vietnam War

Bill Getz

Rhythm and Blue

John Guilmartin

"Tchepone": A Fighter Jock Song

Sylvia Grider

Spontaneous Shrines: A Modern Response to Tragedy and Disaster

Stephanie Hall

Papa Boas’ Children or The Road to the Center of Folklore

David Hufford

Cultural Diversity, Alternative Medicine and Folk Medicine

Mary Hufford

American Folklife: A Commonwealth of Cultures

Alan Jabbour

Ethnicity and Identity in America

Bruce Jackson

The Folksong Revival

The Material Fifties

The Stories People Tell

Anne Lafferty

A Seeker's Guide to Modern Witchcraft

Mike Laurence (pseud.)

The Thud

Jonathan Myer

Glossary of Air Force Terms

Barry Pearson

The Soldiers' Point of View (Part One) 

The Soldiers' Point of View, (Part Two)

Nancy Piatkowski

The Devotional Altar as a Minority Cultural Expression in a Multi-Cultural Society

The Saint Joseph's Table

Jack Santino

Halloween: The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows

In and Out of Time: Festivals, Liminality and Communitas

Characteristics of Occupational Narratives

Christine A. Spivey

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

Libby Tucker

Haunted Halls

Joseph Tuso

Comments on Air Force Songs

Glossary of Air Force Terms

Stephan Wilkinson

Aviation's Urban Legends

David Wisnant

The White Top Folk Festival: What We (Have Not) Learned



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