Professional Information
on Public Relations & Marketing Communication

Updated Summer 2012 as a supplement to Prof. Smith's textbooks,
Strategic Planning for Public Relations and Becoming a Public Relations Writer (Routledge/Taylor and Francis)


Smith's Nine Steps for Strategic Communication Outline of the planning process, with step-by-step worksheets



Professor Ron Smith's teaching notes and background information on professional topics

Agenda Setting, Priming & Framing

Careers in Public Relations

Crisis Communication

Ethical Issues in Advertising

Ethical Issues in Public Relations

Legal Issues in Public Relations

Goals & Objectives

Media Relations

Public Relations & Ethnic Demographics


Reputation and Image

Research Methods

Social Marketing

Systems Theory

Tactics for Integrated Communication



Links to Online Resources

PRSA Code of Ethics

Communication Links to professional organizations in public relations and related areas, resources on ethics and diversity, publications,career resources, and media literacy/criticism



Historical overview of the evolution of public relations

Part 1: Ancient History of Public Relations

Part 2: Colonial History of Public Relations

Part 3: Modern History of Public Relations

Pioneers in the Development of Contemporary Public Relations



Resources & Links for Writing

APA Citations and Documentation Style Link to Summary & Examples of APA Style

APA Style (Web Extension) Link to APA Resource

Common Sense Stylebook Smith's abridged AP stylebook, with styles for internal publications

Guide for Writing Research Papers Link to APA Resource

Fog Index Smith's readability tips

MBTI Personality Types and Writing Smith's writing tips

Writing Center (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Link to APA, Chicago & Other Documentation Styles