Media Critiques
COM 100

Critique: A critical estimate or discussion; the art of evaluating or analyzing with knowledge and propriety, especially works of art or literature; the scientific investigation of literary documents in regard to such matters as origin, text, composition, character or history

Critique #1: On-Line Magazine

Check out the Web site of a favorite magazine. In most cases, you can access the Web site simply by typing www.[name of magazine].com. Or use a search engine to find the name. Then type out the following information:

Sample student paper for Critique #1

Critique #2: Newspaper News Content

Get a copy of a daily newspaper. Analyze the news pages (not sports, entertainment, business or lifestyle). Then type out the follow information:

Critique #3: Web Site

Check out the Web site of a company or organization. Spend some time browsing through this site. Then type out the following information:

Critique #4: Magazine Advertisment

Get a copy of a full-page or two-page advertisement in a magazine. Carefully cut out the ad and mount it (using rubber cement, two-sided tape, or paper adhesive) on a sheet of paper. Then submit it, along with the follow information:

Critique #5: TV News Interview Program

Watch at least two different episodes of one the following television news interview programs: Larry King Live (CNN); Nightline with Ted Koppel (ABC); Charlie Rose (PBS); Geraldo Rivera Live (CNBC), or The O'Reilley Factor w/ Bill O'Reilly (Fox). Then type out the following information:

Critique #6: Media Use Analysis

People use the media in the following ways that fulfill their personal wants and needs:
Surveillance: obtaining news and information to learn what is going on
Diversion: using media for entertainment (stimulation, relaxation or emotional release)
Decision Making: gathering information to make decisions
Social Interaction: using media as a basis for common activity and shared discussion
Self Understanding: gaining insight into your own personal attitudes and behavior
Requirement: using media as a necessary part of your job or education

Keep a log for one week (Sunday morning through Saturday night), identifying all of your uses of eight categories of media: Books, Internet, magazines, movies & video, newspapers, radio, recorded music, and television. Use the following format:

The following example may help you get started.

For the week of Sept. 17-23, I spent 57 hours using communication media, including the following: books 12%, recorded music 45%, television 23% [etc.]

4 hours reading The Perfect Storm (diversion)
3 hours reading Media of Mass Communication (requirement)

2.5 hours reading Maxim (surveillance & diversion)
1.5 hours reading Newsweek (surveillance & decision making)
2 hours reading Hustler (diversion)

14 hours watching Friends, Law and Order, Roswell, Loveline, South Park, Monday Night Football, Soccer, Crocodile Hunter, Undressed (diversion)

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