Jill Singer, Ph.D.
Professor, Earth Sciences
Director, Buffalo State Office of Undergraduate Research

SUNY - Buffalo State
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: 716-878-4724
Email: singerjk@buffalostate.edu

GES111: Oceanography

Coastal Processes

Follies of Lotus Bay (.pps)
(accompanies essay from The Earth Around Us, edited by Jill Schneiderman)

Geological & Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina (.pdf)
(6-panel poster series)

GES300: Sedimentology

Fluid Properties and Sediment Dynamics

Teaching Students About Fluid Properties (.pdf)

Teaching Students Using a Flume and Wave Tank (.pdf)

Debris Flows

Los Angeles Against the Mountains (.pps)
(accompanies essay from John McPhee's Control Of Nature)

Buffalo River

Geological and Engineering Approaches to Understanding Sediment Dynamics (.pps)

Report prepared for EPA-GLNPO (.pdf)

Restoration and Human Health

On the Cutting Edge: Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty Geology and Human Health Workshop (Poster 1) (Poster 2)

Using Geological and Engineering Approaches to Understanding Sediment Dynamics (.pdf)

Slag Images

Slag Images 2

Slag and Possible Environmental Problems Poster (.pdf)

Undergraduate Research www.buffalostate.edu/undergraduateresearch

Centennial Celebration of Pan-American Exposition (.pps)
(project funded by the NCUR-Lancy Initiative)

The two article links below describe Buffalo State's program and are reprinted from the CUR Quarterly with permission from the Council on Undergraduate Research.

The Centennial Celebration of the Pan-American Exposition: A Research Opportunity for Undergraduates at Buffalo State College

The NCUR/Lancy Initiative: A Five-Year Retrospective

Cover Story about Undergraduate Research in the Fall 2005 Issue of '1300 Elmwood'

Geologists as Historians (.pdf)

Value of Undergraduate Research (.pps)

Buffalo State's NSF-STEP Project: Connect with Science www.buffalostate.edu/connectwithscience

Summary of Year 1 Activities (.pdf)

Summary of Year 2 Activities (.pdf)

Summary of Year 3 Activities (.pdf)

Summary of Year 4 Activities (.pdf)