Pamela Schuetze, Ph.D.

Contact Information:

Buffalo State College
Department of Psychology
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222-1095

(716) 878-4022
(716) 878-6228 (fax)

Job Title:

Professor, Department of Psychology, Buffalo State College

Affiliated Research Scientist, Research Institute on Addictions, University at Buffalo

Current Projects:

Maternal Substance Use and Toddler Self-Regulation:a longitudinal study on the effects of prenatal substance exposure on regulatory development.

Pre- and Postnatal Tobacco Exposure and Regulation:a longitudinal study on the effects of pre- and postnatal cigarette exposure on regulatory development.


Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, M. S., Developmental Psychology, 1993, Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, 1995

Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH, B.M., Music Peformance, Magna Cum Laude, 1991

Research Interests:

The impact of prenatal experiences, including substance exposure on development.Emotional, social and physiological development during infancy and childhood.Developmental Psychopathology.The role of the caregiving environment in development.


Presidentís Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creativity (2005).Buffalo State College.


Buffalo State College Research Foundation.(2001). Award for success and persistence in sponsored program research.


Outstanding Partnership Project (2012).Center for Development of Human Services (CDHS College Partnership).Strategies for Promoting Healthy Emotional Development in Children Infancy to 5.


Selected Publications:

Schuetze, P., Molnar, D., & Eiden, R. D. (in press).Regulatory profiles in cocaine exposed children.Applied Developmental Psychology.


Eiden, R. D., Homish, G., Colder, C. R., Gray, T., Huestis, M. E., & Schuetze, P. (under review).Changes in smoking patterns during pregnancy.Substance Use & Abuse.


Schuetze, P., Eiden, R. D., Colder, C. R., Gray, T., & Huestis, M. E. (in press).

Physiological regulation in infants prenatally exposed to cigarettes at 9 months of age. Infancy.


Schuetze, P., Eiden, R. D., Colder, C. R., Gray, T., & Huestis, M. E. (2011).Physiological regulation in cigarette exposed infants: An examination of potential moderators.Neurotoxicology & Teratology, 33, 567-574.


Eiden, R. D., Colder, C., Leonard, K. E., Homish, G., Schuetze, P., Gray, T., & Huestis, M. A. (in press).Anger, hostility, and aggression as predictors of persistent smoking during pregnancy.Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.


Eiden, R.D., Schuetze, P., Veira, Y., Cox, E., Jarrett, T., & Johns, J. (2011).Cocaine exposure and childrenís self-regulation: Indirect association via maternal harshness.Frontiers in Child and Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry, 31,1-13.


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Eiden, R.D., Granger, D.A., Schuetze, P. & Veira, Y. (2011). Role of infant stress reactivity and caregiving context as predictors of child behavior problems among cocaine-exposed toddlers.Development & Psychopathology, 23 (2), 539-550.


Eiden, R. D., Schuetze, P., & Coles, C. D. (2011).Maternal cocaine use and mother-infant interactions: Direct and moderated associations.Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 33, 120-128.


Schuetze, P., Eiden, R. D., & Danielewicz, S.* (2009).The association between prenatal cocaine exposure and physiological regulation at 13 months of age.Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 50, 1401-1409.


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Schuetze, P., Eiden, R. D., & Edwards, E. P. (2009).A longitudinal examination of physiological regulation in cocaine-exposed infants across the first 7 months of life.Infancy, 14, 19-43.


Schuetze, P., Lopez, F.*, Granger, D. A., & Eiden, R. D. (2008).The association between prenatal cigarette exposure and cortisol reactivity at 7 months of age.Developmental Psychobiology, 50, 819-834.


Schuetze, P., & Eiden, R. D. (2007).The association between prenatal exposure to cigarettes and infant and maternal negative affect.Infant Behavior and Development, 30, 387-398.


Schuetze, P., Eiden, R. D., & Coles, C. D. (2007).Prenatal cocaine use and other substance exposure: Effects on infant autonomic regulation at 7 months of age.Developmental Psychobiology, 49, 276-289.


Classes Taught:

PSY 355: Developmental Psychology

PSY 356: Child Development

PSY 388: Psychology of Death and Dying

PSY 415: The Competent Infant

PSY 417: The Atypical Infant

PSY 450:Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 472: Senior Seminar

HON 202: Seminar in Social Sciences