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SIGN: A Novel

Life changing events force Jim and Deirdre Thompson to escape for the weekend to confront their problems on a road trip, only to find themselves lost and terrorized by a strange and unsettling man. He is a harbinger, a SIGN pointing to a secret that Jim is hiding.

On a balmy night in San Francisco one year earlier, Jim met Marlene; a sexy, street savvy art dealer. She would change his life in an unthinkable way. Jim finds himself trapped between his lust for Marlene and his unwitting involvement in a heinous murder. Jim's tortured mind struggles to bury those darkest memories.

Now, emerging from the fog on a long drive through rural Pennsylvania, Jim and Deirdre, are struggling in a relationship electrified with tension, and searching for anything that will lead them away from a foreboding county road. The places they stumble upon begin to haunt them and show them visions linked to the past in a night of unrelenting and terrifying encounters. Jim must remember the details from that tumultuous night in San Francisco, and rediscover the truth. This may be his last chance to stop the malevolent stalker from killing them. The truth may be too late.

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Winter 2019

HWA New York

With a move to the New York City area, Lou will participate with members of the Horror Writers Association New York Chapter in events and other related activities.

SIGN: Audio Book Available

The version of Lou's first novel SIGN, a supernatural thrilller of deception and murder read by actress, Emily Yancey is now available for free. Click here