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††††† Belisle, Claire. (BA 1998, Independent research project, Environmental Science & Policy, USM). Sex differences in stonefly movement behavior in experimental streams. Currently in PhD program at Duke University.

††††† Chapman, Shana. (URM fellowship). Round goby drift from Lake Erie tributary streams. Undergraduate URM fellow, 2009-2001.

††††† Creamer, Patrick. (MS Ed, Project Advisor, 2006). Effects of turbidity on crayfish predation of invasive and native amphipods. Teaching middle school in Pendleton, NY.

††††† Dong, Nini. (MA, Thesis advisor, Biology, BSC). Differences in learning ability of invasive and native crayfish of the Great Lakes.

††††† Gaiser, Jessica. (Honorís Biology project, 2004).Fluctuating asymmetry and the likelihood of handedness in the crayfish, Orconectes propinquus, in New York. Admitted to University at Buffalo pharmacy program.

††††† Gormely, Katie. (Independent research project, BA, 2004).Conditions necessary for inducement of winter spawning in the round goby, Neogobius melanostomus.

††††† Herrscher, Rene. (MS Ed, Project Advisor, 2006). Behavioral response of juvenile crayfish Orconectes propinquus (Giard 1852) to predator cues. Teaches high school.

††††† Hoak, Stephen. (MS Ed, Project Advisor, 2006). Effect of habitat complexity on predation rates on native and non-native amphipods. Teaches high school.

††††† Houser, Jacqueline. (MS Ed, Project Advisor, 2006). The influence of body size on the predator avoidance behavior of the crayfish, Orconectes propinquus. Teaches high school.

††††† Janik, Christopher. (MA, Thesis advisor, Biology 2011). Effects of invasive round goby on stream primary production (current student).

††††† Keppler, Dawn. (MA, Thesis advisor, Biology, BSC, 2005). Contrasting behavioral responses of native and invasive amphipods to fish predation. Employed by Adirondacks Watershed Council, NY

††††† Kibler, Dianna. (MS.Ed., Project advisor, Biology, BSC, 2004).Size, species, and sex differences in crayfish habitat use in Ellicott Creek, NY. Teaches high school.

††††† Krakowiak, Peter. (MA, Thesis advisor, Biology, BSC, 2007). Effects of invasive round gobies on tributary stream macroinvertebrate communities. Employed by US ACOE Buffalo district office.

††††† Krueger, Amy. (Independent research project, 2004). Size-dependent consumption rates of the crayfish, Orconectes propinquus, on resident and invasive amphipods. Currently employed by US ACOE, Buffalo district office.

††††† Kuczkowski, Jason. (MS Ed., Project Advisor, 2005). Comparison of winter and summer macroinvertebrate communities in three tributary streams to eastern Lake Erie. Teaches high school.

††††† Kudney, Kevin. (MA, Thesis advisor. Biology, 2011). Leaf decomposition in stream reaches with and without round gobies. (current student)

††††† Lepiano, Christine. (MS.Ed., Project advisor, Biology, BSC, 2004).Oviposition site selection of fishflies in tributary streams of Lake Ontario. Teaches middle school.

††††† Rupprecht, Shannon. (MA, Thesis advisor, Biology, BSC). Effects of velocity, bed slope, and substrate composition on round goby swimming performance. Employed by USDA research lab, Triangle Park.

††††† Smith, Marley. (MS.Ed, Project advisor, Biology, BSC, 2004). Mercury concentrations in emerging aquatic insects and riparian zone spiders near the Buffalo River, a NY Area of Concern. Teaches high school.

††††† Sortisio, Kimberly. (MS Ed, Project Advisor, 2006). Effect of body size and food quality on clearance rates of quagga mussels (Dreissena bugensis). Teaches high school.

††††† Stewart, Tim. (BA 1999, Independent research project, Environmental Science & Policy, USM). Oviposition site selection of the saw-combed fishfly, Nigronia serricornis, in southern Maine. Employed by Wheelabrator, Inc, Stanford, ME.

††††† Wooster-Brown, Catherine. (BA 1999, Independent research project, Environmental Science & Policy, USM). Intraspecific aggressive interactions among ectosymbiotic midges explain dispersion patterns on hosts. Employed by US Environmental Protection Agency, Kansas City, MO.

††††† Young, Brian. (MA, Thesis advisor, Biology, BSC). The role of intraguild predation in determining invasion success of Great Lakes amphipods. Employed by US ACOE Buffalo district office.


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