Sketch by Witt of LCPL St. Jeans playing guitar, 8 June 1969. Marine Art Collection.


Lachlan Irvine, 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) at Nui Dat, Phuoc Tuy Province, 1968. "When the picture was taken it was about 4:30 in the afternoon. I had just taken a shower and washed my socks at the same time, outside my tent in the monsoon rain! You can see my socks hanging on the tent ropes. Then I've sat down to give myself some self-taught guitar lessons while my socks and I dried off." Photograph courtesy of Lachlan Irvine.


Staff Sergeant Victor Kalicki plays a Vietnamese flute, Black Virgin Mountain, 1964
U. S. Army photograph, National Archives.


The Westwinds (Seaman W. T. Holladay, Seaman Carl R. Queen, and Data Systems Technician Third Class William Small) playing for wounded Marines aboard the Assault Landing Ship Iwo Jima (LPH-2), 13 October 1966. U. S. Navy photograph, National Archives.


PFC Frank Williams, Combat Engineer, 173rd ENGR BN, 173rd ABN BDE, plays his harmonica during a lull in the operations at Dak To, 26 November 1967. U. S. Army photograph, National Archives.


Ms Donna Willoughby, Red Cross, playing guitar for Marines of the Seventh Marine Regiment at Landing Zone Baldy, 25 December 1969. Defense Department photograph (Marine Corps), National Archives.


PFC Seamus Taylor, of the Third Marine Division, playing bagpipes, 30 July 1967. Defense Department photograph (Marine Corps), National Archives.


Air Force pararescueman A2C Franklin D. Stevson plays guitar for 1st Lt Edward G. Burford and A1C Robert J. Ward, January 1967. U. S. Air Force photograph, National Archives.


Bull Durham and the Starlighters, 1970. Photo courtesy of James Patterson ("Bull") Durham.


Bill Ellis, rifleman, A Company, 1st Battalion, First Cavalry Division, on assignment to Special Services, plays for grunts on a fire support base, 1969. Photograph courtesy of Bill Ellis.


General Edward G. Lansdale and 1st Lt. Hershel Gober, Saigon, 1965. Photograph courtesy of Joseph Baker.


The High Priced Help (Majors Marty Heuer, Jack Westlake, Scat McNatt and Chinch Wollerton, 174th AHC, 14th Combat Aviation Battalion) performing at the Enlisted Menís Club at Lane Army Heliport, Phu Tai, February, 1967.


Craig Morrison, Toby Hughes, Chip Dockery, Jim Roper, Greg Wilson and Al Galante at Raven FAC reunion, Randolph AFB, 13 October 1990. Photograph by Lydia Fish.


Cast of In Country: Songs of the Vietnam War, a special Veterans Day presentation by Austin City Limits, 11 November 1992. Performers include Bill Ellis, Bull Durham, Emily Strange, Chip Dockery, Kris Kristofferson, Saul Broudy, Robin Thomas, Toby Hughes, Dick Jonas, Tom Price and Chuck Rosenberg. Photograph by Scott Newton, courtesy of PBS.


Project logo from an original drawing by Sara Fish Brown.


The Sandpipers (Skip Stiles, Sharon [Vander Ven] Cummings, Barry Curtis, Tom Appleby, Bill Bates, Bobbi [Hudson] Crocker, Sara [Yapple] Varney) Cam Ranh Bay, 1966. Photograph courtesy of Sharon Cummings.


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