Remembering the Depression 

Created by Dr. Nancy Deal

English Education Program, Buffalo State College

The Great Depression of the 1930's was a significant period of American history, influencing an entire generation. Many popular pieces of American literature read in school are set during this era. However, today's teachers and students, their parents, and perhaps even grandparents have all grown up in a society far different from the world of the Great Depression. 

This site aims to develop students' understanding of the Depression era and to enrich understanding of literature set during the period. 

While using this site's activities, students will:

-investigate Web materials providing background on the time and culture

-read non-fiction personal memoirs about growing up during the Depression 

-connect Web-based activities to novels set during the Depression


Click on the following links to explore the site's resources (best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 or later):

An Introduction for Teachers

Welcome Page for Students

K-W-L Chart Start-Up Activity

Memoirs from the Depression Activities

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Activities

To Kill a Mockingbird Activities

Weaving a Web-based Literature Guide